Welcome to Cape Oasis

Welcome. I sell a range of interesting and unusual Orchids, Bromeliads, Aroids (Anthuriums Philodendrons, Aglaonemas, Alocasias, Caladiums and more) Carnivorous, Cycads, Ferns & more.

We grow all our orchids in open shade houses. Our winters are generally dry with very cool nights (down to 7 deg) and most of my plants will grow well as far south as Sydney providing they are sheltered from frost.

Please refer to the PDF catalogue for pricing and availability for Orchids here.

Nursery is open everyday except Wednesday, but is best to phone.

New Arrivals

new arrival new arrival new arrival

General Information:

At Cape Oasis Societies & clubs welcome by prior arrangement. If you require a Mail Order please refer to the order page of this website. Alternatively you can email capeoasis@skymesh.com.au. Potted plants are also available at the Cape Oasis Nursery.


An extensive mail order list of Orchid species & hybrids is available on request by email or hard copy. You can download the PDF version here. Please phone, fax or email for any enquires.

Wholesale (tubestock):

A range of seedlings are available periodically. Bromeliads offsets bare-root - can only do mixtures of genera of what is available at the time (POA). For more information please email capeoasis@skymesh.com.au.


Plants of limited availability or very choice plants I make available for auction on ebay. Cape Oasis will have a Shop on this site with a selection of Bromeliads,Foliage, Aroids ( Philodendrons, Anthuriums etc,) Orchids & Carnivorous.

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